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Average Coach Journal & Message Response Times must remain BELOW 24-hours.   This information is found on the  B-Connected Dashboard. 

If a Coach’s average message response time is higher than 24 hours twice in a 3-Month period, they will be subject to disciplinary action.

Responses must be in complete sentences with proper grammar and punctuation.

Coaches must communicate with Members in a professional manner and address them by name.  

**Referencing Members in ways such as:  Baby Girl, Sweetie, Honey, etc is not professional and is not allowed.

All journal responses must be thorough and well-thought-out.

Responses must be added to the Note section of each check-in, along with any adjustments made to the member’s plans or guidance.

The recommended structure for each journal response is as follows:


Plans must be uploaded through PONO with appropriate start and expiration dates by 5 pm EST on Friday for those with traditional plan delivery.

For as-needed delivery, expiration dates and plans must be adjusted accordingly.

There must always be an active Plan set loaded to any active member account.  

Any Friday falling on a Holiday is still subject to on-time plan delivery.  Plans may be loaded in advance to be delivered on time.

A coach must create ONE *highlighted for admin-only note on each member’s account notating their current plans for every new upload.

Format should be listed as follows using the proper abbreviations:


Example: 110 Bik / Mod 5 x 30 / BT 5 ML Norm

Any modifications made or suggested to members must also be noted.

Example: 110 Bik days 1-4 / Mod 5 x 30 – no hiit/ BT 5 ML Norm plus 1x bump meal per week on rest day & move meal 2 carb to pre-workout meal

Plans may ONLY be sent via PONO through the Plans section. Plans may NOT be emailed, texted, or delivered in any other manner.


Coaches may communicate with Members ONLY via the B-Connected Portal for all written communication.  

Competitive Coaches may text with Members during show weekends but messages must be noted in the Portal.

Personal emails, social media DM’s, and texting outside of show weekends is prohibited for Coaching/Membership related matters.

Coaches may only respond to communication sent outside of the portal with a message directing them to use the portal instead. This must be referenced in the member’s account notes.

Calls/Video Sessions:

Coaches must log ALL member calls and video sessions under the notes section — highlighted for admin. 

This includes: Elite Calls, Goal/Show Path Sessions, Post Show Calls, Posing Sessions, Reinstating/Renewal Discussion, Cancellation Discussion (saving a member), 1 on 1 sessions, etc.

Calls/Video Sessions must be logged with the date that each call/video session was completed. You may also note any important takeaways.

All New Member Onboarding steps must be completed.

Coaches must reach out to any new member assigned to them within 24 hours.

An initial introduction message must be sent through BConnected using the template/snippet provided and adjusted per coach with their link to schedule an onboarding call.

An Onboarding consultation must be completed within the first two weeks of a new member’s start date.

This must be a Zoom Video Call.

All Coaches will be responsible for their own Zoom account.

Plans must be sent to the new member within 48 hours MAX after their onboarding call.

Exception: GOLD/ENTRY LEVEL members do not receive onboarding calls but must be messaged to complete the Onboarding form upon signing up. 

Any Camps at which a Coach is attending or running is included in each Coach’s salary. No additional compensation will be provided for standard camps based on the schedule released at the beginning of the year.

BOMiCON attendance is REQUIRED for every coach. No exceptions.

The December Company Training and Retreat is REQUIRED for every coach. No exceptions.

Coaches will be required to create TWO Static Social Media posts per week (Instagram or Facebook) promoting Bombshell Fitness, BCouture, and/or Bombshell Events.

Coaches will be required to create FOUR Social Media Stories per week  (Instagram or Facebook) promoting Bombshell Fitness, BCouture, and/or Bombshell Events.

@bombshell_news and @team_bombshell_news must be tagged in posts and stories.

Coaches must complete all assignments on time. If assignments are not completed by their due date, new members may not be assigned to that coach.

Assignments include but are not limited to:

  • Writing/Submitting Plans
  • Director Requests
  • Members Services Requests
  • Client Transformations and quotes
  • Content for company social media posts
  • PONO/Member Relations & Tasks (i.e setting goals, cleaning accounts, filtering snippets, proper/updated admin notes, etc)

Coaches Must follow the Bombshell Fitness Training System and maintain a healthy appearance.

At all events, hair and makeup must be presentable.

Additional specifications for event presentation include:

No political or controversial slogans or symbols on clothing.

Clothing must have no text other than “Bombshell Fitness”, “Team Bombshell”,  “Bombshell VIP Coach”, or the Bombshell Fitness “B” logo.  Any current B-couture clothing is acceptable.

No flashy jewelry. Minimal earrings, bracelets, and rings are acceptable. No controversial symbols or wording on jewelry.

Makeup should include neutral or modest color eyeshadow, eyeliner, and eyelashes. False eyelashes recommended. A foundation must be properly applied. Hair must be freshly washed and styled neatly.

Coaches performance will be evaluated quarterly:

  • January 1st (In-Person Evaluations at December Company Retreat)
  • April 1st
  • July 1st
  • October 1st

If any of the requirements are not met within the quarter, Coaches may not be eligible to receive bonuses for the following month.

Master Coaches must agree to uphold the position of Bombshell Fitness Master Coach for 1 full Calendar year upon signature of this agreement. 

For each year past the first year, beginning in 2024, that the Master Coach retains their position of full-time employment with Bombshell Fitness with no Tier downgrade, they will be eligible for a compensation increase of $3 per each active member per year.

It is understood that payroll is processed on the 5th and 20th.  

This position is either an in-office or work-from-home position and if they choose to work from home, paychecks are mailed via USPS either the same business day or the next business day if processed after 2pm (if the 5th or 20th falls on a weekend they will be mailed on the following business day).  

We have no control over USPS mail delivery schedule, issues or timing.

Management will evaluate where the membership base sits as of June 30th 2024 and may process an increase based on an individual basis and overall performance of the Company