NOT all training is the SAME! Bombshell Fitness CREATED the FIRST Booty Training System all the way back in 1999, LONG before the booty CRAZE even began.

Bombshell Fitness Booty Training is the BEST glute training method in the entire Industry. However, simply going through the MOTIONS and following the exercises is NOT enough to acquire the desired results.

There is a DISTINCT training METHOD, specific FORM and exact INTENSITY that MUST be followed in order to successfully BUILD that COVETED Bombshell Booty!

Become a Bombshell Booty Specialist and learn the insider SECRETS of how to PROPERLY follow the Bombshell plan and effectively COMMUNICATE to Clients as to HOW to utilize their Bombshell Fitness Training Plan to it’s fullest extent in order to build that WORLD FAMOUS Bombshell Booty.

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