The MOST important role of a Competitive Coach is not what you may think.

No matter how INCREDIBLE a Competitive Athletes training program may be, if their MINDSET is not that of a Champion, they will NOT find success.

As a Bombshell VIP Coach, one of your top priorities is to assure that your Athletes are motivated, dedicated and UNDERSTAND what it TAKES to be a Competitive Athlete in this Sport.

Working with Competitive Athletes takes a combination of compassion, tough love, understanding and honest critiquing that varies from Client to Client. Coaching is definitely not a “one-size-fits-all” situation.

Learn to effectively communicate with your Athletes to help them perform at the BEST during prep, show day and the off-season. Learn to READ your Athletes to see what coaching method is BEST for them and be able to spot the warning signs of burn-out, lack of motivation and fear of failure.

The all-important Competitive Mindset Specialization will arm you with the TOOLS to bring the BEST out of your Athletes both on and off the stage.

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