“Before you change your BODY, you must FIRST change your MIND.” – Shannon Dey Bombshell Inc. Founder/CEO

The most difficult aspect of embarking on a fitness lifestyle is not the workouts, cardio or even prepping meals, it’s the CHANGE in LIFESTYLE.

From time management and issues with friends and family to self-doubt, fear and everything in between, learning to LIVE that Bombshell Life can be extremely difficult and OVERWHELMING to many.

As a Bombshell VIP Coach, your Clients will need assistance with technical questions about their plan and instruction about training. However, a MAJORITY of your time will be spent assisting Clients with the struggle found in changing their lifestyle in order to change the body.

Knowing HOW to react to key lifestyle issues, esteem issues and doubts along with Clients who want to give up because they don’t see instant results is an ART. The Bombshell Lifestyle Management Certification will educate you in the methods we have PERFECTED within the 15-years that we have been Coaching Women online. This course will teach you how to TRULY make a DIFFERENCE in your Clients lives.

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